Jan 23, 2012

Making a 6 pin MSP430 value line device.

So if you have a space restricted project and you don't need the extra i/o pins that a 14 pin value line device houses, no longer do you have to abandon your dreams of using the MSP430 in your project.
Introducing the 6pin MSP430 device.
What you see above is not a new device, simply a stock MSP430G2211 cut down a tad. Using a dremel cutting tool the top and bottom of the device can be safely and easily removed with no damage to the MCU die itself.

Here is how I modified my device:
As you can see the Power input rails have been cut off from the rest of the chip. However the device can still be powered by using a neat trick. Within most semiconductors latching diode are placed on the input/output pins to aid in preventing SCR latchup. Basically when the voltage on a pin exceeds VCC by ~0.7v the extra voltage will flow through the diode into the devices VCC rail. similarly the same occurs on the GND rail.

Since I've not damaged the die programming still works like a charm and the whole device operates as expected. The next step will be doing something with it.


  1. seriously?? u can use an ssop/tsop package

  2. I liked the trick to power the chip in an "alternative" way :D

  3. Good post. Now that is 'hacking' in every sense of the word.

  4. It's like raspberry pi... take a byte!

  5. Next step: dremel out the "G2211" text on top...

  6. could you provide a quick example application?