Dec 29, 2011

7x15 LED matrix

Three 5x7 LED matrices connected to a main controller board.

This project was the first PCB I ever got fabricated. I used batchPCB and the eagle autorouter. Initially this display was supposed to be three 7x5 displays with spaces between to operate as a clock. After some careful tinkering I altered the displays orientation to create a larger connected display.

I've long since lost the eagle files and the original schematic. Fortunately the design is very simple and straight forward it didn't take me long to reverse engineer the schematic. As I do not intend to create another PCB of this design the schematic is hand drawn.

To test if this display still works I had to solder on a new atmega328p, as the old one had been removed and reused in another project long ago. after writing a few lines of code in AVRstudio "IT'S ALIVE!!"
As you can see the display is still in working condition surprising since I first built it in August of 2009. Here is a source file package from AVRstudio 5 for people who want to make something similar or who are just curious.

Source Package

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  1. You're a genius! I think you could even make emergency vehicle lights. Keep it up! More people these days prefer LED than any other lights.